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Locating Help For Visa Application

Sometimes, due to various circumstances, people need help with a visa application. The team at Immigration Services Provider, in Manchester, UK, is here to help. We know how challenging applications can be, and want to help make sure your visa application is complete and error free. Having a clean application can help facilitate the visa process, and further can make acceptance more likely. If you, or someone you know, is having trouble making sense of his or her visa application, reach out to the experts for help. The application process has many qualifiers and disclaimers to understand, and our team is ready to set you up with a trusted advisor to help lead the way.


If you currently have a visa, but need to remain in the UK longer, it may be possible to file for an extension. Just like with help for visa application clients, there is available help for visa extension applicants. Generally speaking, visas can be extended for a duration up to six months. If you have a current three-month visa, it may be possible to apply for a further three month extension. This could be to complete studies, to finish a work-related project, or simply for extended travel with friends and family. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances where help for a visa extension may be necessary. If a person is in the UK receiving medical treatment, an extension may be granted for six months or longer, after the initial visa is granted. Decisions for visa extensions are usually made in about 8 weeks and can vary in cost and complexity.

For a more detailed discussion regarding your case, please book an appointment or call us now on 07835601240 

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